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Author B. Celeste

For the month of July we will have an Author Spotlight of B. Celeste! You may know her for her most recently published book The Truth About Heartbreak, a forbidden, slow burn, and angst filled romance. To celebrate this incredibly talented and beautiful author, we thought there was nothing better than getting to know her a little bit more.

B. Celeste has agreed to do a short interview with us, and we will be able to give everyone a little peek into the world of Barbara.

So, continue reading to learn more about the brilliant author that is B.Celeste!

-B.Celeste Interview-


1.Introduce yourself: What's your name? How old are you? &Where are you from?

I’m Barbara. I’m 23 and born and raised in Central New York.

2.Tell us a little about yourself. Education? Do you have another job outside of writing? What is your family/ life like(i.e.-Do you have any hobbies? Pets? Netflix Shows? Favorite author's and/or genres you love to read?

I graduated with a bachelor’s in English in 2018 and am currently in grad school to get my master’s in English and Creative Writing. I’d like to teach Creative Writing classes part time and surround myself with aspiring writers to help them find their voices.

Outside of writing, I tend to watch Netflix documentaries on just about any topic. It’s hard to find time since I work full time as a research assistant at a local hospital, go to grad school full time, on top of keeping a steady writing schedule, but I always prefer being busy rather than bored. On the off chance I force myself to take a break from all my responsibilities, I’m usually chilling with my cat Ollie and reading.

As for favorite authors, my idol is Jennifer L. Armentrout. I got to meet her at ApollyCon this year and forced myself not to freak out. I actually feel so bad because the model she brought with her (Drew Leighty) was also there but I completely ignored his existence because I was trying to be calm around Jenn. She’s a huge reason I’m a writer going after this dream – her books helped me fall back in love with reading during high school. But there are so many other people I love and admire, including my bestie Micalea Smeltzer, Lucia Franco, Charleigh Rose, LJ Shen, the list is endless!  

3. Have you ever had a specific moment in your life that made you stop and realize that writing/becoming an author was perfect for you? If so, what happened/what was that moment like? &/or what/who inspired you to pick up and start to write the very first time?

I’ve always loved to write since I could hold a pencil. My dad would write poetry for my mom, so I started writing poems too. As I got older, I realized that my passion rested more in prose so I wrote short stories, novellas, and eventually novels.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized how much I’m meant to be part of this community. When I found my voice in forbidden/taboo romance, everything clicked into place. I’ve never fit in or felt settled in my life. Being an author is something a lot of people question me for, because it isn’t a common dream to have. The more I invest in my B. Celeste books, the more I realized how this life is perfect for me. I get to interact with amazing people, travel, and make a difference in the world with my words. There’s truly no  better feeling in the world.

4.What was your dream job you have wanted as a child? Had you always wanted to be a writer, or was that something that came to you a little later in your life?

For the longest time I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I used to take my stuffed animals (and my brother’s too) and line them up in my bedroom. I’d teach them things I learned at school and grade fake homework assignments. I think my family was shocked when I entered college without claiming a degree in Education. However, somewhere along the way I realized elementary and secondary education wasn’t where my heart was. English and the written word has always been my biggest passion in life.

I am halfway through my master’s program to teach college classes. While my ultimate goal is to write full time, I want to help aspiring writers in any way I can. Being in a classroom full of college students who have dreams similar to mine feels like a good fit for me.

5. What is your favorite genre/sub genre/trope to write? Do you have a reason for that choice?

I’m obsessed with forbidden and taboo romance. There is so much depth and emotion in those kinds of books because of the risks and consequences characters face in their journey. It’s why I love writing in the genre—there’s something about watching a character struggle through realistic topics (cheating, age gap, etc) that’s beautiful.

6.Tell me a little about your most recent/upcoming release. Remaining as general(no spoilers of course!) as is possible, what is this book about? &What pushed you to write it?

My upcoming release is called The Truth about Tomorrow. It’s an age gap taboo romance that is incredibly raw and real. I’ve always wanted to write an age gap book, but never anticipated the pain and beauty that Charlie and Ollie’s story brought.

Without giving too much away, it’s a story about two people who find love at the wrong time. He’s older than her by fifteen years and they face so many obstacles because of who they are to each other and what they risk by getting involved.

There’s something tragic but breathtaking about the resilience each character has, especially Charlie and her strength to put so much trust in Ollie after everything she’s faced in the foster care. She’s confident in their love and willing to do anything to have him and he struggles to accept that the only real thing he’s sure about in life is his feelings for her.

It’s truly a love story like no other.

7.If you could tell your readers anything, whether it be about yourself, your books/upcoming books, life, love, happiness...etc, (you can choose one option or a few) what would you tell them/like them to know?

I feel like I can’t stress this enough, but I am so grateful to have readers in my life. Ever since I laid it all on the table and published The Truth about Heartbreak, I’ve gained so many amazing supporters in my forbidden romance journey. I love this genre, and plan to write so many amazing stories for everyone who is willing to read them. Without readers, authors would be nothing. We wouldn’t be able to write anymore, and that’s so tragic. Especially to someone like me who has no other passions in life besides the written word.

I just want to thank everyone who has given me and my books a chance. I hope you ride out this journey with me because I plan to dabble in so many different tropes. Not all of them will be for you, but knowing I still get encouragement regardless is a great feeling.  

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B. Celeste's Novels

The Truth About Heartbreak



 I fell in love with him when I was thirteen years old.

He was older, mysterious, and unattainable. The guy I could never touch.

Then one night changed everything for us. But there was one huge problem.

He belonged to her. 

The Truth About Tomorrow

The Truth About Tonorrow
Written by B. Celeste


 Age is just a number.

Just like he's just a boy and I'm just a girl.

Except that's not true, is it?

Because fifteen may be a number, but it's bigger than that. Bigger than us.

It's a number that separates us.

An excuse that keeps us apart.

But I'm not willing to give in until I get what I want.

After all, how many other girls can bring a grown man to his knees with one little smile? 

The Truth About Tomorrow will be going live on Amazon on August 1st!

If you are interested, B. Celeste is offering an option for signed paperback's of The Truth About Tomorrow. If you are interested in purchasing one, you can find the sign up document and information regarding prices...etc at the link below.

Order Signed Paperback of The Truth About Tomorrow here!

Five Star Review's for The Truth About HEartbreak

Jess's Review of The Truth About Heartbreak

"I honestly couldn't have asked for a better story line. Not only was I able to connect with all of the characters, but the emotions were portrayed so well that I felt them pour through the page. "

Yeri's Review of The Truth About Heartbreak

"Everything about this book is worthy of five stars. The thoughtfulness the author put into each sentence, each word. "

1-Click Addict's Support Group's Review of The Truth About Heartbreak

"This was such an emotionally heart pounding read, so beware because it will make you yell and want you to smack some sense onto certain people "

BookSmacked's Review of The Truth About Heartbreak

"It's a known fact that I gravitate towards reads that are full of emotions, most of them being angsty. This book had my chest feeling tight, it had me screaming at the characters and wanting to throw my tablet so many times. I hated and loved it all at the same time and I couldn't stop reading. It's one of those reads where I thought HOLY FUCK I can't take much more here. I'm going to riot."  

Thanks SO much to B.Celeste for being our July Author Spotlight! You are SO appreciated!

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