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Looking to start a new story to read? These reviews are here to help you make your next book choice, or to help you know where and what to spend your money on! I am always fully honest when I write reviews, so I promise you can trust my words. 

When it comes to writing reviews, I do my best not to focus solely on my opinion of the genre/trope that I am reading/reviewing. I make sure to take into account the technical area's as well. Not everyone enjoys the same tropes and genre's, so, I try to make sure that I address and let reader's know if there are any significant issues with grammar, spelling, issues with the plot, setting, and an author's ability to "show" and not "tell".

I hope my reviews can be of help to readers who are looking for a new story, but also want to make sure they know what they are getting themselves into!

Enjoy the reviews!

Happy Reading!


Book Reviews

Hate Crush by A.Zavarelli


" There is just something about a student/teacher trope that I love to read, and this one was one of the great ones! I highly recommend you picking up this book ASAP, and disappear into Stella &Sebastian's forbidden world of love. "

Underneath The Sycamore Tree by B. Celeste


 "You will finish this story with and added dose of empathy for others, and with the ability to remind yourself that it isn't okay to judge other's by their appearance. There are secrets hidden under those clothes, and there are secrets hiding in those minds. Just because someone looks "OK" doesn't mean that they are.

So, make sure you read this story of self discovery, true and unending love, growth, strength, laughter, and SO much more! B.Celeste may break your heart, but every single moment is 100% worth it! "

Twist (Off Balance 4) by Lucia Franco


" There is just something so different and intriguing about this series, and the community has all come together to love on and fully enjoy this world of forbidden love, invisible illness, resilience, and all of the strength and endurance that a gymnast carries in their heart's and bodies when it comes to wanting to achieve all the goals they set for themselves. "

Friends with the Monsters by Albany Walker


" &Because I don’t want to spoil anything in this absolutely unique and extremely intriguing read, all I can say is that Albany then continues to spin this awesome story, with the perfect amount of twists and turns, a strong and sexually confident heroine, swoony, laughter filled, steamy goodness, that you won’t be able to put it down until you hit that 100% mark! "

Conheartist's by K. Webster & J.D. Hollyfield


" So, if you are considering reading conheartist's, I HIGHLY recommend you just take the plunge, get yourself a copy, and when you are having a rough day, sit down with a big blanket, some snacks, and start reading. I guarantee that you will be laughing ASAP! K.Webster & J.D. Hollyfield have done a brilliant job creating this hilarious story that I will definitely be rereading over and over again over the years! Those 5 stars are one hundred percent deserved. "

Fragile Scars by Lilian Harris


" Case &Will meet when they were assigned to each other to be lab partners.
&from then on out, they quickly became the best of friends.
But one day, while out, Caaba says to Will, “I think I hate sex”. & she remarks that she is probably too frigid to like it. Will doesn’t enjoy that she is talking about herself like that, so he offers up a bet. If he proves her wrong, and proves to her that she does not hate sex, and if she proves him wrong. He will be paying her a much larger sum of money.........
Let the games begin!

A friendly wager was a good read! I love best friends to lover’s romances, and this was a perfect example of that.
I recommend that you start reading this BOOK ASAP! "

Obey Fate (Fated Duet 2) by Abigail Davies


" This Duet.....If I could, I would give it ALLLLL the stars. Because this story was so much more valuable to me than the limit of 5 stars.
Abigail Davies has held me captivated by the Easton Family for 2 full duet's now, but, Cade& Aria's story kept me completely enamored from the very first page of Defy Fate, and til' the very last page of Obey Fate. "

Defy Fate (Fated Duet 1) by Abigail Davies


" This book is EVERYTHING.
I just finished it about an hour ago, and I am still stewing over my thoughts of what just happened.
Aria & Cade's story is so special, so heartwrenching, and I swear I felt every single emotion that Aria did throughout this entire story. I haven't connected to a book this emotionally in a while. "

In Peace Lies Havoc by Amo Jones


" Oh Man. I got lost in yet another book my Amo Jones.
In Peace Lies Havoc was captivating from the first page, to the very last.
It was almost like I didn't want to look away, in case I'd miss something!
I loved the mystery and suspense. &I seriously can't get over how unbelievably creative this story is. The twists and turns come from every direction, and you never know what is going to happen. The brother's of Kiznitch are coming for Dove Hendry, &She has NO idea what was truly headed her way! "

Do You Dare (Truth and Dare Duet 1) by Lylah James


" Do You Dare was my very first book by Lylah James, and I have to say, I am more than happily surprised.

This story sucked me in. I could NOT put it down. The level of angst was overwhelming, and usually I am not a fan of constant angst, and not doing the deed, but, the build up to it ended up being so unbelievably satisfying and perfect. These two character's are meant for each other. They are and that's it. "

Cold Queen(Sinister Fairy Tales Collection 2) by K.Webster


" The huge twist in this story took me slightly by surprise. I had already kind of figured out what was going on, but, I just didn't want it to be true, so I was in some sort of story denial while reading.
But, as I continued, I forgot about everything, and got wrapped up in the amazing imagery this story delivers. Being able to imagine the world that they are in is pretty amazing.
I love when someone delivers a unique setting. I love being able to picture it all in my mind, and K. Webster was able to provide that throughout the whole story. "

Imprismed(Captured in Rainbowland) by MJ Marstens


" Imprismed was a quick, hilarious, and all around fun read, and I recommend it to anyone who is in the mood to try a little something different. Also to those of you who enjoy reverse harem, because Wynn has a selection of men to choose from in this story.

I think that I probably will be checking out some more stories from this author, because I really ended up enjoying this fun tale. & I hope to read some more of her retelling’s like this one, in the near future! "